5 Keys To Selling Your Home

1.Hiring the right agent: First and foremost your realtor needs to be someone you trust. They should have a clear understanding of what your goals are for this sale, and an expectation that your goals and best interests are the only priority. Your agent needs to be knowledgeable about the area your home is in, and what it takes to sell in that neighborhood. Ask him or her about how they plan to market your home, and take a look at their track record. Do they use high quality photos in all of their listings? what is their average days on market? Have they had to perform several price reductions during a sale, or do they nail market values on the first time? Be sure to find out: Do they have a plan for consistent communication with you once your home is listed?

2.The fundamentals: For the majority of sales it comes down to 3 things: Price, location, and condition. Uber-luxury homes may need more creative marketing to attract that special buyer, but the truth is: most transactions are the result of a buyer seeing your home on the MLS. Often when an agent places an ad for a house in a luxury magazine, they are doing so to attract new clients for themselves and not to sell YOUR home. All efforts should be focused on presenting your home in the best light possible. You cannot do anything about the location of your home, so you and your agent should make sure your home is in the best condition possible, and priced to attract the most amount of buyers.

3.Pricing: Pricing your house right, and doing so the first time is crucial to maximizing the sale of your house. Smart buyers will use a lengthy listing, or a history of price reductions as leverage to get themselves a better deal. After your agent determines market value of your home, consider listing slightly under that. You’ll attract more buyers and you can expect to receive a strong offer quickly. You may even receive multiple offers and see a bidding war break out, which gives you the ultimate leverage during negotiations.

4.Staging: Selling an empty home is a very difficult task. On average, staged homes sell 70% faster and for 10% more money than non staged homes. When staging you want to make your home look and feel like a model home that attracts as many buyers as possible. To do that, you will want to depersonalize your home. As much as you love your religious symbols, political statements and sports memorabilia, your potential buyers may not! You will also want to declutter and organize your house. Empty your closets to about 70% and think about moving some of your excess furniture to make the house seem bigger. Buyers won't hold it against you if you store your junk in the garage -- you are moving after all-- but they don't want to feel like home itself doesn't have enough room for all of their stuff.

The last key to staging is to make sure every room is as functional as possible. Have a room that never gets used? Place a desk and chair or yoga mat and medicine ball. Now your unused space has become a home office or workout room to buyers!

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5.Make it available to show: In sports it is often said an athlete’s best ability is their availability, the same holds when selling your house. Buyers can’t buy a house unless they actually get to see it. Understand that people people are going to want to see your house at a time that fits their schedule, that could mean evenings or weekends. Keep your house clean so that it can be shown within a few hours notice. Leave the house when buyers are looking so they have as much time as they need to feel comfortable and start envisioning their families living there. Give your realtor an extra key so he can let potential buyers in when you are not home. Don’t let those buyers have a chance to fall in love with another house because they can’t see yours!


A trusted advisor is the first key to selling your home