The State of Tampa -- July 2018

Quick Sales Cycle
For June sales, the median time to sale(from listing to closing) was 67 days. 4 days quicker than June 2017 and the fastest median sale cycle for a month in over 5 years!

Consistent Inventory
In June 2017 there were 5,437 new single family home listings in Tampa Bay. 1 year later, the amount was 5,420. Don't expect this limited inventory to change any time soon

More Options for New buyers
When looking at inventory by current list price, $200,000-249,000 was the most populated bracket. That price range featured 1,879 listings as of June 2018, up 15% year-over-year. This is a welcome sign for new buyers frustrated at limited options in entry level price ranges.

Did you know?
The Fed may raise rates TWICE more in 2018. (according to CNBC)